It’s becoming common knowledge that a 65daysofstatic live show is a bit of an overwhelming experience. It all stems from the core idea behind the band’s inception - the show is all important. Every day, all the time. Whatever else is going on, this is the keystone on which everything else is built. Stripping away the anonymity of live ‘electronica’ is something they’ve been pushing forward with from the beginning.

2nd album, ‘One Time For All Time’ was put out in late 2005, resulting in 9 months of solid touring, eating up fuel across the UK, Europe, even getting as far as the Summersonic festival in Japan. Turns out, noisy, contrary, glitchy beats, battered guitars, soaring melodies and sad pianos work out pretty nicely echoing through an aircraft hanger filled with 10,000 people - so much so that they were asked back to play their own headline shows in the autumn of 2006.

The first 65 album, ’The Fall of Math’ was recorded in four days by a band still finding its voice. The new album is called ‘The Destruction of Small Ideas’ is the first time 65 have slowed down and had time to collect themselves in five years.

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