Andrea Parker

Andrea Parker is one of the most glamorous and visionary personalities of today's electronic music scene. Totally uncompromising, Parker defies stereotypes and limits, and exceeds her goals beyond ordinary expectations. She has released a number of records with many of the premier electronic music labels such as R&S, Infonet, and Andrew Weatherall's Sabrettes imprint. Her incredible talents were then wooed by James Lavelle to cult label Mo' Wax. Where, as reigning queen, she has received rave reviews from the hardest critics for her first three EP's "Melodious Thonk," "Rocking Chair," (which featured a 40 member orchestra with Andrea on cello!) and "Ballbreaker ." Due to contractual shifts her debut Mo Wax album "Kiss My Arp" has only been released in Japan so far, a Stateside release will probably follow later in the year, but depite this the expensive Japanese import is already a hot item at indie retailers Other Music and Mondo Kim's in NYC. The album features Parker's own ethereal vocals, dark lyrics and everything from a 40 piece orchestra to d.a.t recordings of her driving through a carwash. "I'm a real sounds person," admits Parker, "I like to spend days finding sounds." She has also spent about eight years collecting sound effects records and old analog synths both of which she adores and uses to the the full extent of their possibilites.

As a DJ and remixer, Parker is very much in demand. She has remixed artists such as Depeche Mode, Lamb, the Orb, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and most recently, the godfather of minimal music, Steve Reich, for his forthcoming Nonesuch album "Reich Remixed." Her philosophy of remixing is simple: "I love getting happy popmusic to remix and making it really dark." As a DJ she acknowledges no boundaries, playing at electro nights, hiphop nights, techno nights, drum 'n' bass nights. "I much prefer not being in one particular scene. It gives you more of an open mind."

Her mix CD installment in the acclaimed DJ-Kicks series on the Stud!o K7 label is the ultimate showcaseof her work and talents as a DJ and the CD has already been hailed as one of the very best in the series. Always Keen to veer from one extreme to the other her intention on the DJ Kicks CDwas to create the kind of set she might play at an electro club. Certianly, Parker creates a deeply groovy set by melting hip hop, old school electro, breakbeats, and classic tracks into an amazing fusion. Don't miss this one off chance to catch Parker in her only NYC appearance.

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