Andrew Hung

Nesting in quiet provincial England, lay a magical town named Kidderminster in which a child was born under the night sky of a new year. His name was Andrew Hung, and under the enchantment of the townsfolk dressed in colourful garments made of nylon, he grew up to be an artist.

On his 18th year of being, he set off to pastures green to search for his purpose. The townsfolk all cheered under a banner wishing him "Good luck Andrew, find your Universe!" His journey took him to the deep and dank undergrowth of the West Country and all the way to the smog-choked city of London. He formed a musical duo and traveled the length and breadth of the planet but nowhere did he find so wondrous as joyous Kidderminster.
It was then that he realized that joy was within and he began searching inner space through the medium of music production. He began producing bands and other artists but also had a yearning for his own music. It felt right. It felt like love. As his focus intensified on his being so too did his deepening relationship with reality. He realized there was no external and internal; we are not separate from what is outside our vessels. No; we are one!
And that was the day when Rave Cave came to fruition; an idea for unity, to bring people together. That is the mission of Rave Cave.

Andrew Hung is a producer/musician/artist. He is one half of the musical troupe Fuck Buttons who's accolades include countless tours of North America, South America, Europe and Asia, featuring on the Olympics opening ceremony, releasing 3 critically acclaimed albums and having a swear word in their name. He produces albums for bands and musicians. Rave Cave is his first foray into public solo work, and its concept is an emphasis on simplified process, from the actual creation to the form of delivery. Its hope is for a simplified process which will allow maximum space for dialogue between the artist and the listener. A DJ for the people.