Bad Wizard

Did you know there's a New York City band right now that can stand up with the heaviest, ball-swinginest hard rockers of all time? Word is out: Bad Wizard rocks, but good.

The Bad Wizard rock n' roll band: Curtis, Eddie, Tina, Kurt and Scott throw it down hard, but always keep the spirit up. Heavy, but not metal, Bad Wizard is essentially a boogie band with huge ones. And we mean huge. Every song urges the crowd to party, rock, stay up all night and then rock some more.

Sounding like Chuck Berry bombarded by gamma rays, Eddie Lynch plays tear-down-the-walls, terrify-the-parents monster-rock, while Tina Gorin chugs from the Holy Grail sought by all hard rock guitarists: tasty as Keith and angry as Angus. With the crushing grooves of drummer Scott Nutt and bassist Bret Falcon, Bad Wizard lays out arena size anthems that will make you blow your bong load.

At the center of the maelstrom is front man Curtis "Don't Hurt Us" Brown. With one of the greatest hard rock voices you've ever heard, Curtis bellows like a beserker in battle, challenging anyone foolish enough to stand in the way of his merry marauders, while inviting the rest of us to share the plunder.

Better join the line, brothers and sisters, or get trampled under foot. Bad Wizard is on the move, and they're taking it from New York to the rest of the free rockin' world. Make us proud, mother fuckers!

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