Bark Haze

Bark Haze is a duo/trio of Thurston Moore, Gown(Andrew MacGregor) and Pete Nolan(if he is around). They have been called "the most rocking sit down guitar band ever" so now they stand up and try to be the most rocking stand up guitar band ever. They have destroyed audiences on the rainiest nights ever and kicked monitors off stages at community theatres.

One review of the band as a duo is as follows:

Gown (Andrew MacGregor) and Thurston Moore punctured the subdued atmosphere of Friday’s opening show with a brief set that drew on some unspoken, anxious undercurrent in the room. The two slashed at their guitars until the last of the decipherable notes unraveled into gauzy feedback. Despite its real-time creation, the piece was presciently composed and traveled a remarkably distinct arc.- baryonicmatter'06

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