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- Solo Soprano - a Portrait of Lol Coxhill (2013, dir Helen Petts)
An exploration of the nature of creativity, artistic integrity, improvisation and time - through an intimate portrait of free improvising soprano saxophonist Lol Coxhill, who died in 2012.

- London (1994, dir Patrick Keiller)
A fin-de-siècle personal portrait of London shot over a period of twelve months, which saw the election of John Major as prime minister, renewed IRA bombings, the 'Black Wednesday' European monetary crisis and the "fall of the house of Windsor".

- Robinson in Space (1997, dir Patrick Keiller)
England, 1995. An unnamed narrator sets out from Paddington to meet his gay friend Robinson in Reading, where the latter is earning a precarious living as an English-language teacher. Soon the couple (whom we never see) are enlisted as spies by a mysterious organisation and set out on seven meandering trips over England, in imitation of Daniel Defoe's literary tour of the country

- Robinson in Ruins (2010, dir Patrick Keiller)
Patrick Keiller's latest essay-film in his Robinson series (London and Robinson in Space) combines ironic, witty denunciation of society's domination by markets with homage to the wonders of the biosphere.


- Clangers

- The Wire Salon

What makes a great book? Should we finish difficult books or ones we don't like? Why do so many of us lie about the books we have - or haven't - read? Andy Miller is the author of The Year of Reading Dangerously, in which he reads 50 of the greatest and most famous books in the world and two by Dan Brown. With the aid of little more than a flipchart, Andy will guide you through his 10-step programme to cure you of your bad reading habits.
‘Hilarious ... a self-help session on getting through difficult books', The Times

- The Thick of it, Episode #4.6
Writers David Quantick and Roger Drew talk about the "Goolding Inquiry" episode.

-Josie Long: Let's Go Swimming
Josie leaves London to move to what she envisages as her 'Indie Band Theme Park': Glasgow. She finds it tough to make friends in her new city as the reasons why she left London slowly catch up with her.

- Josie Long: Romance & Adventure
Darren is Josie's best friend; Josie is Darren's flatmate.

- Andrew Kötting introduces: By Our Selves
A great English pilgrimage, a self-enacted novel in the tradition of Pilgrim's Progress.

- Andrew Kötting introduces: Swandown
Swandown records the voyage of two men - film-maker/artist Andrew Kötting, and writer/novelist/psychogeographer Iain Sinclair - as they set out by water, from England's South Coast to the edges of London.


- Clangers

- The Wire Salon

- Literary Salon: Andy Miller talks to Bridget Christie and Dan Rhodes

- Way of the Morris
Tim Plester and Rob Curry introduce their 2010 documentary. Trailer HERE

- Singalong: Wickerman (1973)

- Holiday on the Buses

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