Talking Dick and Tit with Cynthia Plaster Caster

Cynthia will be dong a spoken word performance on Saturday in Crazy Horse.

Cynthia makes plaster casts of rock stars' penises.  She’s been doing this since the Swinging 60's, when she was a shy young virgin, hot for British rock bands.  Casting cock was the logical solution for Cynthia and her best friend to get into the hotel rooms of their Beloveds.  They called themselves “The Plaster Casters of Chicago” and carried around a suitcase full of casting equipment.  By asking the guys to pose for their collection, it was presumed that sex would then occur, with a hell of a souvenir to take home. Cynthia never imagined the lengths her simple idea would be taken to.
     As the collection grew, so did the Plaster Casters’ notoriety.  Jimi Hendrix was one of the first castees.  Then Frank Zappa came along and declared Cynthia’s Groupie schtick an art form.  He financed her life so that she could accumulate more casts for a proper gallery show.  Unfortunately this did not come to pass until several years after Frank’s untimely death.  “The Life Casts of Cynthia Plaster Caster,” first of several exhibits to come opened in June 2000 at Threadwaxing Space, New York City.
     In 2003, the documentary “Plaster Caster” was released on DVD in America.  It is now available worldwide.  Captured on camera were 2 of the craziest years in the Life of Plaster, including the first breast casting.
     40+ years after the first dick was dipped, Cynthia finds herself in the unlikely position of a Fan with Fans.  In addition to doing live interviews and answering fan mail, she is currently writing her autobiography.  She continues to manifest her Plaster Madness in the form of spoken word, “Talking Dick and Tit.  Not yet ready for retirement, she still occasionally beefs up her collection with appendages owned by talented and creative people.
         …And the meat goes on…

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