Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston is an enigmatic artist and songwriter / musician who’s struggle with bi-polar condition and bouts with fame in music and art has made him something of a legend. Daniel is said to have pioneered lo-fi music with his early cassette tapes of lost love and honest reflection, making an endearing and enduring impression on those attuned to his sentiments. He does this unabashed, exposing his deepest feelings in his art and with songs of joy, disappointment, despair, and hope.

Known and loved around the world, the reclusive soul is the most-covered Texas songwriter. Daniel boasts many fans including prominent musicians and artists like Tom Waits, Beck, Yo La Tengo, David Bowie, Matt Groening to name just a few. Daniel’s music and art has achieved a widened appreciation because so many have championed the value of his work, as with the late Kurt Cobain who wore Daniel’s Hi How Are You t-shirt everywhere.

Daniel’s tumultuous life and struggles with mental health are chronicled in the feature-length documentary “The Devil and Daniel Johnston”, and his music given broad tribute on the cover album Discovered Covered, where eighteen prominent artists cover his songs.

For more information on Daniel Johnston, visit www.rejectedunknown.com, www.hihowareyou.com and the new radio DJ support site www.fearyourself.com.

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