Jason Harvey, Kip McCabe and Jay Ryan have played together as Dianogah (pronounced Dye-ah-NO-gah) since January 1995. Previous music experience found Jay in the Chicago skronk-pop band Hubcap; Jason, in the long-lived Grover from Champaign, IL; and Kip performed in various groups, most notably as the touring drummer for The For Carnation.

Dianogah's core instrumentation is as a trio of two bass guitarists and one drummer. They have toured the US extensively, traveled throughout Europe and played in South America. In their fourteen years as a band, Dianogah has toured with Silkworm, Man or Astro Man?, Blonde Redhead, Shellac, June of 44 and Don Caballero, and shared the
stage with Sebadoh, Hum, The For Carnation, Ui, Rachels, the Shipping News and Seam, as well as playing the Shellac-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival in 2002.

They've recorded four full-length albums; As Seen From Above (1997), Battle Champions (2000), Millions of Brazilians (2002) and the recent Qhnnnl (2008), which features guest appearances by friends Andrew Bird, Stephanie Morris (The Pawners' Society, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir), Billy Smith (Hubcap) and Mark Greenberg (the Coctails, Archer
Prewitt, Yo La Tengo).

When not in the studio, on the road or surviving the harsh Chicago winters, the band lead full and rewarding lives, sleeping well at night and eating fine foods in modest portions.

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