DJ Cherrystones

He can effortlessly turn the dullest event into an iconic happening, having already Dj'ed alongside Danger Mouse, Six Organs of Admittance, Edan and the final Libertines shows, to DJing the final freak-outs at All Tomorrow's Parties(Shellac curated 2002) and Green Man Festivals. Bands such as Wolf Eyes and Dead Meadow now personally request him to open their shows and tours.

Cherrystones is the sound of psychedelia-soundtracks-folk-rock-prog-noise-moog-AND-library-records. Music that takes its inspiration from rock n roll and applied in a hip-hop context. Cherrystones is undeniably an excavator of exciting, but unfamiliar genres.

Cherrystones is a music lover first and foremost, who happens to be a beat-digger par excellence. His compilations have a beautiful flow like a radio transmission from planet dada. This personal journey by DJ is genuinely disarming as he uncovers track after track that thrills through being dusted down for fresh consumption, from the Led Zeppelin-esque qualities of Dead Moon to the crazed Dylan-like The Deviants. What could be more of an accidental tribute (as this was put together before his sad passing) to the late, great Arthur Lee than the Midnight Circus?

In steering the same path as forward thinking mish-mash merchants such as Don Letts, it's still punk rock to Cherrystones. "Its part of the rebel music culture and community, the same things that led me to punk and all the music I love simple loves and fears, rejection, isolation, unity through groups and gangs and a heap of teenage adrenalin all mixed with adolescence that's enough to fuel any teenage head looking for thrills."

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