Echo & The Bunnymen

The Bunnymen first began in 1978 with the meeting of Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant, they started to record together along with a drum machine, which they had nicknamed Echo. Soon bassist Les Pattinson was added, and they were to make their live debut in Liverpool towards the end of 1978 under the new name of Echo and the Bunnymen.

After building up a reputation through popular live shows and the release of a debut single, the Bunnymen landed a contract with Korova. At this point they were to lose the drum machine and gain drummer, Pete De Freitas.

The Bunnymen soon achieved success in both the UK and US with albums such as Crocodiles, Heaven Up Here, Ocean Rain - alongside spawning classic singles like The Cutter and The Killing Moon. Their self titled album released in 1987, was to be the last recorded with this Bunnymen line up.

After a long break and the tragic loss of drummer Pete De Freitas to a car accident, it was 8 years later in 1995 that McCulloch and Sergeant would begin to work together again, producing releases under the name of Electrafixion. By 1997 they had re-teamed with Pattinson and were to issue the LP Evergreen, back as Echo and the Bunnymen.

A comprehensive best of, More Songs To Learn And Sing, has just been released in January this year.

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