Echo Lake

Echo Lake's Linda and Thom met whilst avoiding awkward chitchat with fellow students during lunch break at university and went on to record their first EP in Thom's bedroom. Years later, the now five-piece are working on highly anticipated new material set for release later this year.

Plucking up the courage to remove their iPod headphones and say hello, both discovered they shared an unrivalled love of The Supremes. A friendship blossomed, leading Thom to play Linda the instrumental songs he'd been writing alone in his bedroom for several months. Having previously sung in a Belgian choir, Linda's dream-like vocals were a perfect match for Thom's instrumentals. The bedroom band Echo Lake was born. Releasing tracks on MySpace and playing sporadic and intimate gigs nationwide, the pair's reputation grew and attracted a dedicated and loyal fan base.

South London D.I.Y. record label 'No Pain In Pop' quickly picked up on their ethereal sound and gave them air-time on their much-respected website. This resulted in a minor lo-fi frenzy from the music blog brigade and subsequent international support courtesy of Pitchfork, Fader and Gorilla Vs Bear. And this was all before they'd even played their first live show. Thom and Linda enlisted the instrumental support of a full-time backing band, Steve, Kier and Pete, and after three weeks of frantic practice, the group played a blinding debut show to a crowd of 200 at the Sexbeat Radfest at London's Corsica Studios.

Echo Lake are currently writing new material their fans have been waiting for, rehearsing in a big old house with a trampoline in South London. i-D Online visited the quintet to film them playing In Dreams, a track from their EP soon to be released on No Pain In Pop.


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