Flower / Corsano Duo

As a powerful and loud guitar/drum duo, Lightning Bolt comparisons come cheap….the Flower-Corsano Duo are something else - more like a white-punk-jazz-trash Konono No.1 or an Eastern sound, opiate-fixated Harry Pussy. As a duo they have that special power to elevate through noise, rhythm and primal harmonix. An exhilarating sight/sound that shudders the body and cleanses the mind. Obsessive stuff.

New Flower-Corsano Duo album The Radiant Mirror comes out on Textile Records very early in 2007 as does the limited 7” on the No-Fi series called The Undisputed Dimension.

Michael Flower is best known as a member of Leed’s Vibracathedral Orchestra, a lynch pin of the improvising rock/noise/drone world. He has also has played with legendary artists such as Tony Conrad and Jandek as well as in projects such as the trio with Matthew Bower and Spencer C. Yeh. Vibracathedral’s close relationship with Sunburned Hand Of The Man has meant MF has toured with them across the USA and Europe, both as a member and solo.

Despite never having seen someone play one, he bought his electric shaahi baaja and started to discover his own way of playing the instrument. Discussing his use of the instrument Michael says, “I suppose I’m just jamming my own versions of ragas. Hopefully there’s a similar purity there, although a more naive/ham-fisted one in the music I play. When I was a teenager we used to listen to the Velvet Underground, Indian classical, flute music of Papau New Guinea, primitive blues. I guess all the music I make is vaguely informed by that period.”


Chris Corsano's drumming has to be seen to be fully appreciated. A brave musician who collaborates with a huge range of artists and can still pull off mad solo shit. It is a rare drummer that can hold his own with his customized kit, clatter practice and circular breathing drone exhortations but retain a dynamic and structure that works. He also self-releases a CD of distorted and spiked keyboard pieces on the Hot Cars Warp label to confuse those who try to pin him down. Loose-limbed, intense, even melodic, he exposes the audience to sounds and rhythms that defy normality. Recently he has toured or played with Jack Rose, Wally Shoup, Nels Cline, Six Organs Of Admittance, and Dredd Foole.

Coming from a drumming family, and heavily influenced by Minor Threat and the Minutemen, he fell under the spell of Byron Coley at Yod headquarters and started tearing into free jazz with the amazing Paul Flaherty on a series of records and tours, not to mention mind trips of the bizarre with the Sunburned family and messed up noise battles with the Sonic Youth camp. Recently a move to the UK has brought him into silent hush-hush drum battles above pubs and playing with Taurpis Tula at huge Breakcore raves. He moves in magical ways.

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