There must be something in the water around Glasgow. In the last few years, western Scotland has exported such diverse acts as Mogwai, Arab Strap and Belle & Sebastian. We at Merge are now very excited to introduce you to the post-rock-noir of GANGER.

Ganger's music is as heartfelt as it is complex. By combining innovative structures with concise delivery, this Glaswegian quartet tries out new things without forgetting that dynamism is what makes a rock song great. The songs integrate male and female vocals, which weave whispering through the arrangements, with the endless possibilties of a two bass/guitar/drum setup. Ganger creates music that is fresh and exciting and they have fun doing it.

"Cats, Dogs & Babies Jaws" provides an uptempo start to the album, stretching quiet passages in ways only done previous by Th' Faith Healers. On "First Thing In The Morning," the group maintains a sprightly progression at low volume, continually adjusting the notes as if the members were completely filling in a small piece of the musical spectrum. "Capo (South of Caspian)" mixes Noramly's whispered vocals with smooth bass runs before building to a frenzied tempo. Throughout, the enthusiasm stays constant, providing a welcome substitute to the pained post-prog angst of many bands today.

Ganger doesn't try to move mountains. It rebuilds them.

After releasing a slew of singles and twelve inches in Europe (most of which were compiled onto a CD last year called Fore), HAMMOCK STYLE is the band's first full length release, followed by the ep, CANOPY.

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