For close  to 20 years Hoss have been Melbourne's premier no-frills mixed grill rock'n'roll band par excellence, prompting excited exclamations of 'It's all Meat!' from scads and scores of fans the nation over. Neither numbskulled dickheads, flouncing pantywaists nor post-ironic chickenshits, these Hoss boys know its got to mean something, but not too much; they simply stick to their marks and rip it out like their collective life depends on it, which of course it does.

Half at sea and half on land, main boyman Joel Silbersher is best known to a wider audience as the kid that wrote and sung 'My Pal' with God well over half his life ago, which is certainly a better thing to be known for than being say the voice of Glen Robbins in the movie 'Boytown' (I shit you not), but nowhere near as great  as being known as the man who wrote and sung 'Too Much Sugar" , " The Bullshit Never Ends" and 'The Goddess Has Time' (the greatest Australian rock song of at least the last two decades - I shit you not  once again ) for Hoss. Along for the ride with Joel are rock solid bass man Scott Bailey (who's been there since day one), unassuming lead guitarist Jimmy Sfetsos (who strips  the  paint while others are still picking the wallpaper) and 'new drummer' Dean Muller (who's only been swinging the sticks with these guys for the past 10 years or so).  

Like the MC5, the  KInks, Black Sabbath and the Real Kids, these guys understand rhythm, tone, volume and dynamics, and they have heart enough to make you feel it.  It ain't the best-dressed thing you'll hear at ATP, but Hoss's rock is real. If that's enough for you, you won't find a more satisfying dish on the menu