Hundred Eyes

At dusk on a ridge of sandy soil on the outsourced outskirts of an overly inhabited island off the warming Atlantic coast, Hundred Eyes was born. Squinting in their collective mnemon existed a vague but schiztic notion of each having known one another in their past lives. With an auxesis knowledge of re-incarnation, the four preconsciously decided it was their fate to honor this chance meeting with a sacred but silent promise to procreate and then disband on 666 (June 6th, 2006).

In spite of lacking fingers or claws, the echo echo of Hundred Eyes' soundscrape traveled across boundless oceans, extending onto the beaches of Tasmania and the deserts of the Nile. Broadcasting sound by means of mating calls, ESP, and CB radios, scratchy versions of their song "beat segregation party" soon became a top 40 hit in far off distances and the most remote villages of Cambodia. It was only then, with the swelling of the mouth of the vokallist, that Hundred Eyes came to resemble something truthfully scientific in its existence. Hundred Eyes can soon be heard and seen at the upcoming ATP festival in May 2006.

Hundred Eyes are: Inspektor s. Sodapop, Tim ID, Vivi Bonaparte, & Vanessa Van Ness

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