Imaginary Folk

Peter Evans-trumpets, stereo playback
Jessica Pavone-viola-stereo playback
Amy Cimini- viola
Brandon Seabrook-banjo, electronics

Imaginary Folk is a NYC-based improvisation group that has been performing since 2004. The group's name refers to the music played as well as its ensemble members; improvisation is explored as a method of reinventing musical worlds through live performance and a sentimental attachment to recorded music, as well as a way of imagining, improvising, and performing who we are as people. Imaginary Folk seeks to draw all music towards the "public domain", where, facilitated by recording technology, music is dissolved as intellectual property and re-dispersed as an agent for a personalized link to culture and its differences. The group's members collectively have backgrounds in klezmer, chamber music, jazz, and composition. Current projects include a CD to be released by I & Ear Records in 2005 and an appearance at the 2006 All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the UK.

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