Jackie-O Motherfucker

JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER 2008- formed in 1994, jomf have influenced countless contemporary sound-makers and musicians with both their freeform, modern interpretations of traditional folk, and their cut and paste, collective style of band membership. spiritually aligned with the free-music experiments of the late 60's and early 70's, as well as the lonesome folk and blues produced in the roadhouses and juke-joints of early 1900's america. jomf have fused together the traditional song form and the improvising ensemble, into a powerful and engaging live band, and 2008 finds the group finally honing in on the sound they have been searching for. the current line-up features honey owens, who has been cultivating her own music as VALET, recording for kranky records in chicago, and playing live all over america with her own music, and with atlas sound. honey has been an important part of jomf in the past, palying guitar and singing in early formations of jomf (flat fixed, fig. 5) and also contributing both as a vocalist and a producer on FLAGS OF THE SACRED HARP. as a part of the current touring line up, this is a rare opportunity to experience, as honey will no doubt be concentrating on her own projects in the coming years. nick bindeman, jomf guitarist, has also been continually refining his own sound and style, with his band ETERNAL TAPESTRY, they have a brand new crd out now on the jomf imprint U-SOUND, titled SUN ARISE and have received the thumbs-up from kraut rock archivist JULIAN COPE earlier this year. also just released on U-SOUND, is a live recording of the duo of TETUZI AKIYAMA and TOM GREENWOOD, titled STONED RUNES, this recording was made in tokyo earlier this year, when jomf performed dates in japan, performing with OM, MERZBOW, AND JIM O'ROURKE, and is a quiet and beautifully wandering document of zonked folk/blues acoustic guitar playing. earlier this year, jomf signed to the influential uk label FIRE RECORDS, and are hard at work recording a brand new studio release for the label, titled BALLADS OF THE REVOLUTION. many of the songs to be released on this record will be performed live on the upcoming tour. in the meantime, FIRE will be issuing an incredible recording this fall, made in the studios of VPRO radio in amsterdam last year. titled THE BLOOD OF LIFE, this record contains two jomf classic songs from the past, HEY! MR. SKY, and THE GRAVE, both completely new versions of these songs, produced in a very minimal but powerful style, as well as two new songs, a traditional ballad THE LOST JIMMY WALEN, and a brand new track, THE BLOOD OF LIFE, which is a ground breaking piece of new music for the band. also coming out this fall on visual artist chris johansons AWESOME VISTAS imprint, is THE CRYIN' SEA, another recording produced in europe, this LP only release features an incredible screen printed cover, with artwork done in a collaboration between TOM GREENWOOD and CHRIS JOHANSON, who have also been working together on a major exhibition of johansons work at DEITCH PROJECTS gallery in nyc, which opened sept. 4th. one more jomf release to look out for is FREEDOMLAND just issued by VERY FRIENDLY/CARGO UK, this lp/cd release was recorded in the USA during two long tours in 2005/06, and features the vocals of EVA SALENS. eva has been busy in the meantime working on her own music, and will be on tour this fall supporting jomf in europe as INCA ORE. extraordinary drummer danny sasaki, (enemy mine) who has been on board with jomf since 2005, will also be a part of the jomf line-up this outing, rounding out this incredible live band. please come out and support jomf, and check out the current harvest of new recordings. now represented in europe by THE HARRY FARMER AGENCY, jomf will be happy to give interviews, or help to support these dates in any way possible.
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