James Yorkston

James is originally from Fife. He lived in Edinburgh for a wee while, then moved back to Fife.

Here are 10 records that he likes -

  • Linton Kwesi Johnson - Tings an’ Times
  • Michael Hurley - Sweetkorn
  • Jacques Brel - Brel
  • Leo Ferre - Le Temps De Roses Rouges
  • Anne Briggs - Classic
  • D’Gary - Mbo Loza
  • Can - Tago Mago
  • Lal Waterson & Oliver Knight - Once In A Blue Moon
  • Nic Jones - Penguin Eggs
  • John Strachan - Songs From Aberdeenshire

The Athletes
All sorts of people play with James - the core group being

Faisal - Percussion/Harmonium/Lap Steel
Reuben - Accordion/Concertina/Piano
Doogie - Double Bass/banjo

But also

Holly - Whistle/Small Pipes
Wendy - Violin
John Bews - Violin

The Guests
James has lots of friends who play on his records…some of them are:
Lone Pigeon
King Creosote
Rob Armstrong
Stu Bastiman
Simon Raymonde
Kieran Hebdon

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