Joe Volk

I am based in Bristol and signed to Invada Records UK as a solo artist.... I am also the singer with G O N G A even though I am not I always will be. My debut solo album 'Derwent Waters Saint' was produced by Adrian Utley (Portishead) and is out now in the UK...

The tracks 'The Sun Also Rises' and 'Thaumaturgist' are taken from the record.... The other track is a cover of 'Wicked Game', recorded live on a Bristol radio station at some point in the last years. The other other track is a demo from my next solo misery assault.

I put on nights in Bristol called 'Happenings and Killings' at places. I write music for documentaries and short films, my last commission was for a National Geographic documentary on Cryogenic Suspension and the BBC short film 'Small Dark Places'.

I am the singer and word knitter in the band 'Crippled Black Phoenix'.... Our debut album is out now. Our next two albums are being released at the same time in December as part of a limited edition quadruple vinyl box set. BOXY. An album containing tracks from both these albums will have a full commercial release next year. We are signed to Invada for our records and Domino for our publishing.

My next solo album will be out later on in 2008/9/10. I am recording the demo's at the moment in my studio in Mivart Street studio's in Easton.

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