Kippi Kaninus

Kippi Kaninus is the pseudonym of Icelandic sound and visual artist Guðmundur Vignir Karlsson.

Kippi Kaninus got to know music through and with computers, very thankful for computers, great tools like the hammer or a soldering iron. His music: fast, slow, theatrical, absurd, beaty, cheerful - you can fasten many planks together when you know your hammer. As a one man band Kippi Kaninus has released two full length albums, Huggun in 2002 and Happens Secretly in 2005. In later years Kippi Kaninus has developed into a full blown band with well known veterans of the Icelandic music scene. The outcome is an album full of organic and synthetic experiments that crosses borders of various musical genres.

© Atli Þór Ægisson



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