Les Colettes

Mysterious and magical, Les Colettes cultivate a unique atmosphere on stage. Between ethereal harmonies and saturated guitar, Ireland and Japan, David Lynch and Robert Mitchum, these three outstanding musicians bring the listener into dreamlike worlds that are sometimes menacing, but always original. From their laboratory of sound, Les Colettes weave their emotions and memories into delicate, yet powerful melodies. Since meeting on Claire Diterzi’s Tableau de Chasse tour, they have lent in turn their bow, riffs and choruses to concerts and albums for the likes of B. Belin, JP Nataf, Albin de la Simone, Mina Tindle, The Wampas Theo Hakola, Love and Rockets, Nosfell, Syd Matters and Ornette. Now performing regularly throughout Europe, the trio are currently recording a new EP in collaboration with Laurent Binder, Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys) and Sheldon Gomberg (Rickie Lee Jones, Ben Harper).

Supporting act for: JP Nataf, Shannon Wright, Mina Tindle, Da Silva... Soundtracks: "L'invention des jours heureux" winner of the Film Festival for women in Creteil.

Les Colettes: Diane Sorel (vocals, keyboard, percussions), Delphine Ciampi (Guitare, bass, vocals), Anne Gouverneur (violon, bass, vocals).

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