Light Asylum

Mexican Summer is pleased to announce the release of LIGHT ASYLUM's self-titled debut LP, out May 1, 2012. The 'Shallow Tears' single and 'Genesis' b-side is available now on 12-inch vinyl on Mexican Summer. LIGHT ASYLUM.

The debut full-length album by LIGHT ASYLUM has been a long time coming, but not without rabid anticipation. As their self-released 'In Tension EP' circulated and resonated with leagues of new listeners worldwide, the reputation of duo Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello has steadily sweltered via their intense live show, collaborations, and remixes.
LIGHT ASYLUM marks Funchess' and Coviello's return to the recorded fray with renewed intent, emotion and visceral energy, all to powerful effect.

Described as "able to hypnotize and hold an audience in a state of bondage." Funchess has sealed a reverent status through her vocal breadth and captivating expression. Having shared recordings with the likes of Teengirl Fantasy, Telepathe, TV On The Radio, !!!, and Ford & Lopatin, the multi-instrumentalist's vocal talents stay in steady demand. LIGHT ASYLUM cements Funchess' reputation as a singular voice.
From the guttural intonations and militaristic drills to the melancholic leading melodies and operatic tenor, Funchess' range remains wide but balanced and carefully controlled.

Having spent years touring and performing as synth pop project The Dreamies, Coviello channels a different strand of influence and completes the LIGHT ASYLUM sound alongside Funchess. The result is an uncompromising, rugged mixture of coldwave, EBM and electro-industrial structured through pop of the toughest sensibilities. A LIGHT ASYLUM production straddles underground electronic club music and radio song culture - part introverted, aggressive vehicles, part bright, jubilant fanfares - passages of carefully devised harmony and melody bloom between stabs of driving keyboards and drum machines.

LIGHT ASYLUM is a collection of ten songs that are contemplative and starkly necessary. From the heated synth punk of 'IPC', 'Pope Will Roll' and 'At Will' to the cinematic modesty of earnest love songs like 'Angel Tongue', 'Shallow Tears' and 'A Certain Person'; the basement-found emotions of 'Hour Fortress' and 'Sins of the Flesh' to the melodic dramas of 'Heart of Dust' and 'End of Days', LIGHT ASYLUM have achieved an exhilarating, genuine and important moment.

"There is an undeniable, classic heft to LIGHT ASYLUM." The Fader

"She [Shannon Funchess] manages to route her sinewy vocal through the cold-blooded seething of Ian Curtis the deadpan drawl of Grace Jones and the full-tilt intensity of Henry Rollins circa Damaged." Pitchfork

"LIGHT ASYLUM is catchy but raw, music you can lose yourself in." T Magazine