Love As Laughter

Following the 1994 dissolution of indie-pop cult faves Lync, singer/guitarist Sam Jayne formed the lo-fi solo project Love as Laughter, self-releasing a pair of cassettes (an eponymous effort and Clear Sky Blue Dye) before issuing The Greks Bring Gifts on K in 1996.

In 1997 Love As Laughter morphed into L/A/L, a band that featured Dave Schneider on drums (Dave was once in the seminal combo Lync with Sam), guitarist Jessica Espeleta, and Bass player Leslie Hardy. L/A/L released #1 U.S.A in 1998 on K records. Word began to spread across the planet - in the UK the NME picked up on the band in their On section with very positive comments about "No.1 USA". The seeds had been sown. L/A/L was born.

In 1999 Sam Jayne signed with Sub Pop Records and recorded Destination 2000 with a new band including Summer Mastous - keyboards, Brandon Angle - guitar, Ryan Davidson - bass, and Zeke Howard - drums. "Destination 2000" (SubPop) - saw L/A/L develop & establish themselves as a true force to be rekkoned with. Packed with excellent songs, impressive attitude & powerful, searing gtrs - "Destination 2000" was one of the year's essential releases.

In the Spring of 2000 L/A/L became 3 - Sam Jayne, Zeke Howard on Drums, and Brandon Angle moving to Bass. This lineup recorded "Sea To Shining Sea" Produced in part by Phil Ek and Vern Rumsey and released by Sub Pop in September 2001. "Love as Laugher's Sea to Shining Sea is a new joy--and from start to finish, the album is the pure coalescence of a music fan who has taken his own influences and welded them into a unique, personal sound. Sure, Jayne's been studying singer/ songwriters of nearly three decades ago, but no song on Sea sounds dated. "Miss Direction" is informed by Mike Nesmith, I'd wager, but it's a modern-day, torn-down love song. "Druggachusetts" skips in like diamond-glittering Beatles, but soon rocks out with power-chord-laden abandon, only to pull in and spiral back out in whirls of distortion and harmonies."

2005 - L/A/L currently reside in New York City and have completed a brand new record to be released by Sub Pop Records spring 2005. Additionally Sam Jayne has released his solo debut "The Supernatural Sessions"in December 2004 on Lucky Horse Industries.

Love As Laughter and Sam Jayne can be seen performing frequently in NYC and vicinity in the near and distant future.

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