Man Man

"The members of Man Man are always holding, shaking, or blowing some noisemaker - adding layers of sound to their oddball waltzes. The pace is so furious that just watching the performances can be exhausting. But who said being an original was easy? " - PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY

Above New York and Philadelphia debris MAN MAN materializes, tender and nightmarish, fastening together Screaming Jay Hawkins, Etta James, 80's pop and Iggy Pop; drawing on Soda Popinski, Mexican funeral marches, religious cults, bad luck, and the pervasive mythology of two-headed wolves and wrangling out something entirely else: peculiarly brilliant, acrobatic, unsettling, romantic, unpretentiously ordered.

Accompanied on one song by a chorus of kindergartners, MAN MAN multiplies precise instrumentation and refined song structure by unusual rhythms and a thick, complex texture to produce a polished eclecticism unlike anything in our collective musical consciousness.

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