Matt Baetz

Matt dictated this bio while riding on the bus.  And not a tour bus but a bus, bus. So right there, you know this won't be one of those everyday, run of the mill bios you read about so n' so, from such n' such, who is best known for that thing he did with the guy from the place.  NOT THIS BIO!  NOT ON MATT'S WATCH!!!  If you want to come see Matt then you go right ahead and you come see Matt but he's not begging. You see reader, Matt has grown a reptilian skin over the years.  A scale if you will.  Matt spent the last few years living on the bus or out of his car not to mention a random hodge podge of futons, couches and murphy beds.  Matt currently has two piles of belongings that he affectionately refers to as his, "shit."  One pile is stacked neatly in Brooklyn, NY while the other is in an undisclosed location.   

Matt has decided in the interest of ticket sales he will now list a few credits. Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson called Matt, "one of my favorite comedians in America."  Matt is a regular on Playboy Radio, USO Tours and he starred in the short lived CBS television pilot, "The Matt Baetz Project."  

Matt would like to thank Animal Collective for inviting him to share his inner most feelings with you.  

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