Originally conceived (c.1999) as the first victim-friendly surface-to-air missile by the US military, mclusky are a band of three, like back when three meant three and wasn't some crazy potsdamic in-universal code for 4. mcluskys idea of a keyboard player is the man(?) who invented computer battleships. All Dj`s must be French.

mclusky are a band of three. you could call them a punk band but they'd just shrug and mutter something about 'the distortion of punks original ideals etc.', so it's probably not worth the effort. you could call them a rock band but the spandex count is minimal and all of them own their own cocks.

andy (vocals, guitar) and mat (drums) met dressed as miners at the Blackwood Miners Institute, when they were ejected for simultaneously questioning the thinking behind the venues dresscode. bassplayer jon soon followed after a tent-pissing incident at the reading festival.
mclusky?s first album, 'my pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours' was released on 27th november 2000 on the fuzzbox label, and so far has sold enough copies to stop everybody involved killing themselves* - a version for the american market is still in the planning stages, with all the british cultural references set to be changed to 'rod steiger'**. 'my pain...' contained the critically lauded singles 'joy' and 'rice is nice', and was received with almost universal praise by all except for bon jovi fans.

From there, they moved to Too Pure records (previous home for, amongst others, PJ Harvey, Stereolab and Hefner) who, in turn, wasted no time is shipping them off to the US to work with one of their heroes, Steve Albini. The results were astounding.

In just one week, Steve Albini had recorded their second album, the excellent mclusky Do Dallas. This album spawned the singles To Hell With Good Intentions, Alan Is A Cowboy Killer and Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues and, for the first time, someone had caught on tape the raw energy of mclusky live. Loud and spitting blood, few tracks hit the two-minute mark.

At the same time, the band had started to gain an audience internationally and soon they were playing gigs and festivals in far-flung places all over the US, Europe and Australia. mclusky had arrived.

Before even the dust from Do Dallas had settled, the band were hard at work on new material. 2003 saw two brand new singles in the UK, There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson / 1956 And All That and Undress For Success. Unfortunately, relations between the band became strained at the same time and this resulted in Mat leaving for pastures new. A new drummer, Jack Egglestone, joined just in time for a headline UK tour which finished with a captivating Reading festival show. Nothing was lost. In fact, they’re a better band for it.

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