The Melvins' influence is vast and incomparable. It's global baby.

It's 2009 and The Melvins are still called "family entertainment on another level." Almost 25 years, over 25 albums and still counting. Maybe they're just too dumb to quit.

AND Some people STILL think the Melvins should be called "The Fucks" because they're so fucked.

The band still includes founding member King Buzzo and almost founding member Dale Crover, and they STILL have the Big Business guys Jared Warren and Coady Willis playing with them. This is extraordinary considering how hard it is for bass players and others to stick around the Melvins camp for more than two minutes. Everyone always loses their minds with or without drugs, but mostly with. They can't explain why, but the list of former members is about 40 and counting. Well, 40 might be a bit of an exaggeration but not by much.

The Melvins have been a band for a long, long, long, long time... A long, long, long time. They're somewhere in between a novelty act and yesterdays news. It's a strange place for a band with a Peter Pan complex to be in but there it is!

What the hell right?

We ALL want to just get on a space ship and watch the earth explode, don't we?

As hard as it might be to believe, The Melvins have a NEW album in the can! It's called Nude With Boots and is out now. This is good news because it means the boys will be hitting the road again in the United States AND in Europe! The rest of the world could follow, but who knows? Hell, that would be like eight months from now and it's hard to plan that far ahead.

Nude With Boots was recorded in Hollywood in a couple of weeks give or take a day or two and the boys seem to be extremely happy with the outcome. It's good? Groovy good! They played it for their wives and girlfriends and they seemed to like it so HERE WE GO! No shit Sherlock!


The Melvins have put out a ton of albums and done a shit-load of touring in their vast 24 year musical career but nobody is offering them a TV show, and I don't mean a bogus "reality" show I mean a show like Sha-Na-Na had in the late 70's. It's REALLY bogus. A Melvins show seems like a no brainer, but the world is not a right place. If you don't pay attention to TV then you can't realize just how bad it really is.

The Melvins' influence is vast and incomparable. It's global baby, and AND King Buzzo has even been accused of attempted murder! What the fuck is that? You know it HAS to be bullshit because when the King starts something, he finishes it. He's never ATTEMPTED anything in his life. He gets the job done, and so do the Melvins.

When does the man get here with all the candy?