Mick Barr (solo)

Lives in New York, NY and New Haven, CT

Born 1975, Derby, Connecticut

Composer, Performer

It's hard to make a statement about what I'm trying to do musically, because my goals change often. Recently I've been trying to write using more intuition and less thought. To let the music be what it will be, rather than what I want it to be. In the past I was interested in creating a cold, inhuman form of music. Stringing non-repeating riffs together, sometimes following a pre-meditated structure, sometimes totally at random. There was also a period where I was interested in total immersion in repetition. As well as a time where I mainly focused on harmony and counterpoint.

All of my music has been written on electric guitar. And I usually try to push my physical and mental limits in playing. I generally prefer to focus more on recording and less on performing. And recordings usually are released under pseudonyms such as Ocrilim or Octis.

2007 Founded band, Krallice

2000 Founded band, Orthrelm

1996 Founded band, Crom-Tech

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