Pearls And Brass

Pearls and Brass, hailing from the dusty town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, put forth some of the most creative, bluesy rock n' roll that no one has heard. All three musicians playing together for about a decade, they are able to conspire a level of soulfulness that few bands can match. Rather than slightly altering a Sabbath riff and calling it their own, Pearls take time crafting each chord and note, jamming for hours to find the perfect sound. While not blatantly evident, Pearls and Brass borrow the dirty soul of Robert Johnson or Blind Lemon Jefferson and use it as the foundation for their mathy, stoned-out towers. They take influence from the same sources that Led Zeppelin and Blue Cheer found decades ago, going straight to the prehistory of rock n' roll.

Forming interesting, genuine rock songs in 2005 proves to be no easy task, but Pearls and Brass manage to do so fluidly and effortlessly. This is not to say they refrain from nearly blowing every speaker in the house when they perform, however, as they can fill any room with a thick cloud of sound.

Pearls and Brass can be seen at smokey dives and dingy basements all around the Eastern Pennsylvania area, dubbing their three song demo for anyone interested. Their contribution to 'Closet Full of Clothes' displays Pearls and Brass at their finest; a smooth, salty mixture of blues, flannel and Yuengling.

From bands own bio.

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