Psarandonis comes from a rich musical background in a land where myth and history are one. He is one of Crete’s leading lyra players is by far the most experimental. He draws on a large body of traditional music but is a master of dynamics and variation. He interprets traditional pieces expressively and continually changes them, so that each interpretation is unique to his style. He is a master both of simplicity and deconstruction. His sound is timeless, drawing as it does on the past and reaching into the future.

“If music is measured in meter, I play in kilometre!” – Psarandonis

Anyone familiar with the work of Bad Seeds’ violinist a nd mandocaster player Warren Ellis would also be aware of the strong Mediterranean influence in his music. As such, the addition of Psarandonis is as much a nod to a personal inspiration as the addition of The Saints. It is not Psarandonis' first All Tomorrow's Parties either, having performed at the invite of the Dirty Three at ATP UK back in 2007. As for his own music, Psarandonis is regarded as a master of the lyra, a traditional Cretan folk instrument that he has been playing since the age of 13 (he is now 65). Psarandonis (born Antonis Xylouris) is also noted for the unique timbre of his singing voice and he has released a steady succession of albums dating back to 1973. Appearing with Psarandonis on this trip will be his son and one time Melbourne resident George Xylouris, as well as other guest musicians.

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