Rachel's five Quarterstick releases have inspired numerous attempts to describe the band and its style, resulting in phrases like "subversives with a cello," "classical post-rock," "post-classical," "lo-fi Louisville loafers," and finally, "the foremost purveyors of forlorn and lamentatious orchestral arrangements in the indie world". Perhaps more accurately, The New York Times described Rachel's as "mature enough to disregard trends and do what they like." Simply put, Rachel's is a collective of friends playing in an instrumental band that share the desire to explore ideas together without manifestos or genre biases. The band is based in Louisville, Kentucky (state motto: united we stand, divided we fall.)

Rachel's has toured North America and Europe, appearing in libraries, churches, rock dungeons, ballrooms, bowling alleys and movie theaters. Their diverse audiences have included punk kids and grandparents, classical and jazz devotees, and the ocassional infant.

Rachel's has often worked with filmmakers, dance companies, stage productions, printmakers and photographers. In keeping with their love of film, they have contributed tracks to several independent and feature films, including Oliver Stone's recent "Any Given Sunday," Miguel Arteta's "Star Maps," Oasis Pictures "My Dog Vincent," and Artemis Productions "Une Liason Pornographique." Their music constituted the score for Channel 4's documentary film, "A Day to Remember," and the band's 1999 Knitting Factory performance is currently featured on BET's 'On Jazz' channel. Rachel's have performed on National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition Sunday Morning", on "New Sounds" at WNYC Radio, and on WFMU's "The Stork Club." In 1997, they recorded a Peel Session for BBC's Radio One.

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