Taking their name from a 19th-century Masonic splinter group, The Red Nails were initially formed in late 2002 in Louisville, Kentucky as the fundraising arm of the International Brotherhood of the Order of the Red Nails, a political organization devoted to the establishment of an autonomous social state in the Ohio River Valley, primarily funded by a reclusive Clifton billionaire. When funds were pulled in the early part of last year, the group disavowed socialism and decided to turn its energies toward music.

Inspired by the supercool banality of the Pet Shop Boys and Roxy Music, the incompotent thrashing of the Seeds and the Stooges, and the sugarcoated pop prophecies of the Archies and B-52's, The Red Nails set about writing and playing gorgeously harmonized and enthusiastically performed hymns to pop art, capitalism and uncomfortable romantic entanglements. Utilizing their close political connections in the Louisville underground, The Red Nails bribed and intimitated their way into the Louisville Eccentric Observer's Reader's Choice Awards, garnering the title of Louisville's Second Best New Loca Band after only four shows. The group consists of D. Marshall on guitar and vocals, and R.J. Lindsay on drums.

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