Rob St. John

Lancastrian Rob St John plays drawn-out and ghostly songs underpinned by the creaks and drones of the harmonium, musical saw, fiddle, skittering drums, analogue synth and field recordings. Backed by a talented cast of collaborators and co-conspirators he’s just released his first album ‘Weald’ on 12” LP through Edinburgh DIY label Song, By Toad, on which kraut, drone and psych influences are held together by peals of British folk guitar and wheeling gusts of rich, cryptic vocals.

Download single ‘Sargasso Sea’ from Weald for free here.

Rob and band have been fortunate to play out with a number of artists they have a lot of time for, including: Jack Rose, Peter Walker, Viv Albertine, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Daniel Higgs, Diane Cluck, Alasdair Roberts, Ryan Francesconi, Wild Billy Childish, Hush Arbors, Teenage Fanclub, James Yorkston and the Fence Collective.

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