Sacred Paws

Sacred Paws formed in 2012 when both guitarist, Rachel Aggs (also of Trash Kit and Shopping) and drummer, Eilidh Rodgers were members of Golden Grrrls. Since, the two-piece have steadily crafted a thrillingly twisted pop music that is joyful, ecstatic, spontaneous and essential. Their debut "6 Songs EP" - released on 16th March via Rock Action - perfectly captures their wild-eyed, frayed-at-the-edges speed-highlife rhythms and effortless, melodic interplay. Their influences stretch across the globe but do not divert attention from their mercurial playing and creative spark. Aggs' spiralling, spidery guitar is endlessly funky without descending into cliché. Informed by classic high-life guitar with a hint of the Tuareg-trance playing of Northern Africa, Aggs' patterns are mesmerising both for their virtuosity and melodic sensibility. Rodgers' idiosyncratic drumming feels like the most natural thing in the world: part post-punk, part-polyrhythmic chatter, open to the moment and taking unexpected twists and turns in a tuneful conversation with the guitars. Crowning every song is a telepathic vocal harmonisation that recalls DIY legends, The Raincoats and The Chills.

Each Sacred Paws song contains the seeds of feelings that grow and blossom at the song's zenith. Every moment in a Sacred Paws song propels the listener forever forward, open-armed to the world.


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