Sean Garrison And The Five Finger Discount

Long, long ago, Sean Garrison was in a band with his pals Britt Walford and David Pajo- this was when they were all very small. When the music became too good for Garrison to comprehend; he decided that he was out of his league, and after Sean's departure that little band very soon became Slint. Sean then went on to form Kinghorse- what was then described as "a thinking man's metal band." What followed was a total disaster that could not be understood except by: the insane, the totally hopeless, the chronically unemployable, acid-damaged redneck kids who read too much, and other people who were headed to prison, the graveyard or to high-paying jobs in the investment banking industry. Garrison was changed forever by witnessing a Saccharine Trust show in the summer of 1985, when he got the very stupid idea that mixing ALL types of rock music into a mess of unidentifiable noise would be welcomed with open arms by the then-emerging 'indie' rock scene. He couldn't have been more wrong. Sean was raised in a lower-middle class, blue-collar neighborhood about twenty miles from the center of Louisville, Ky. by parents who believed in the existence of Bigfoot, played Hank Williams and Wagner at top volume at all hours of the day and night, and forced their children to read a lot of Lewis Carroll poetry. So, instead of pretending to be evil white trash, Sean actually IS evil white trash. Whoopie! Around 1993 Garrison began playing the music of his childhood- folk and honky- tonk with a happy, positive message for all of mankind. His songs have been covered by such artists as Freakwater and Sally Timms. He looks forward to bringing cheer and good-time vibrations to music lovers all over the world.

Don't touch him. He doesn't like that.

He is married and has no children.

The Five Finger Discount is- Wink O' Bannon- Guitar Dave Bird- Guitar Daryl Sullivan- Bass Matt Odenweller- Drums

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