Secluded Bronte

Secluded Bronte formed in the early part of the 21st century. Branded "music theatre from hell", Secluded Bronte's work is a fusion of conceptual art, sketches, live musique concréte, wild electronics, noise and poetry. Secluded Bronte's debut LP Secluded in Jersey City was recorded in the WFMU studios, New Jersey, in 2002 but was released barely a month ago on New York's Pogus imprint. In 2014, aside from countless gigs in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Scandinavia,Secluded Bronte produced the critically acclaimed hörspiel Dark August Variations for Dutch national radio and also appeared on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction. Last year they worked with the artist Andy Holden on the film Brontë Country and presented their play about cinema, Against Cinema, at the Sonar Festival and at London's Apiary Studios with special guest, and long term sparring partner, the film director Peter Strickland. This year see's the release of a collaborative LP Four Perfect Balls. Co-produced with Panos Ghikas (The Chap) Four Perfect Balls will be released on Migro Records in summer 2016. Secluded Bronte are currently producing their first feature length experimental film with director James Holcombe and London experimental film co-op Now- here. A Secluded Bronte double LP is set for release in 2017.

Adam and Jonathan Bohman have been operative since 1996 (Adam Bohman is also a member of Morphogenesis and The London Improvisors Orchestra). Their sound art oscillates between states of the absurd and sonically grotesque to highly articulate explorations of extra-musical sound. One can hear various traces of out-noise lurking in the undergrowth of their 2002 debut album 'A Twist For All Pockets' (Rossbin). Electroacoustic music and free-improvisation could be regarded as co-ordinates on the grid. However, unlike the hermeticism of electro-acoustic music or the purism of free-improvisation, the
Bohman's freely quote from any source and aren't afraid to show it. So you get Varesesian sound montage supporting spoken word material sourced from a pub menu, or frenetic juxtapositions between amplified shoe brushes and a frenzied tape cut-up of 17th Century instruments. The Bohman aesthetic can be a dense and tangled thing to unpick and describe. Various and nefarious sounds and artistic influences merge and collide.

Richard Thomas is a composer, artist, writer, broadcaster. Thomas' has made work for events, broadcasts, museums and galleries throughout Europe and the United States. Thomas and the Bohman Brothers have worked together as Secluded Bronte since 2001. Between 2003 and 2013 Thomas was the commissioning editor at Resonance FM. Prior to that, in the 1980s, Thomas wasthe co-editor of the notorious 'situation-nihilist-anarchist-hatezine' Cocksucker Blues, and as a guitarist he formed the Welsh avant-punk groups Happy Accidents and Guinea Worm. In the late 20th century and early 21st century Thomas produced three seminal musique concréte LPs; Shoes And Radios Attract Paint, Seven Point Plan To Destroy Astrology and Soggy Martyrs, and the bizarre proto-Footwork LP Hairy Butter. Thomas also recorded for The Leaf Label, and Sub Rosa, working with the likes of Squarepusher, Stereolab, and Add N to X on various remixes and productions. In the NME David Stubbs called Thomas' work a "vital new musique concréte for the 21st century". Rob Young in The Wire Magazine called Thomas "the Welsh Sun Ra". Thomas writes for The Wire Magazine, Electric Sheep Magazine, Art Monthly.


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