Breaking boundaries, breaking beats, breaking necks: Services is your desire, and your desire is their business. Lauded for their live experience not for the weak at heart: in galleries, in rock clubs, in your kitchen, locker rooms...push push. Extreme innovation: past plutonium, past the limits of electro, rock, and industrial. Moment here....not guys, 2 instruments, 2 live.

Trztn and Chris of Services are two of the most important figures in New York's underground music scene. While the trends have come and gone, the two have remained resolute in their creation of challenging high-concept music. Their live show is a smart stop and go machine-gun fire of sample driven rock, and their music gear is wielded like a weapon: with shuddering patterns, and plenty of vitriolic crunch, and rumbling beats. Tape loops and heavy metal riffs, cut-up and rearranged, are stripped down and filled with mysterious vocal hooks making their songs witty and powerful: "You, Me, We: Killer Bees! Take me back to the cemetery where I'm buried - at once!"

In 2005 SERVICES signed with A Touch of Class Records, a label mostly known for their up-to-the-moment dance music, and released their debut record titled "YOUR DESIRE IS MY BUSINESS". The ATOC djs and SERVICES teamed up for a massive European tour to play in all types of venues: from Lisbon to Moscow; The ART BASIL parties to the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona.

IN 2006 SERVICES continue to perform and record. Remixes by MSTRKRFT, Zongamin, Nick Zinner (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and others, are in the works ? release dates TBA.

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