Shit And Shine

craig clouse of the southern records band TODD formed shit and shine a few years ago as an outlet to basically do whatever the fuck he wanted to do musically.

check out the records- riot season has released 3 lps. noisestar has released 1 lp and conspiracy has released 1 lp. there is also a record coming out on load soon.

the music is all over the place. anything from TODD style violent noiserock to bizarre 80s disco, beach boys covers, chilling sacrificial tribal trances, long heavy pounding endless repetitions of riffs and multiple drums, sludge, doom, hardcore, europopcheese etc. all done with expert precision and an understanding of the music. we're not talking goofy comedy-core. its all real.

the live show is totally unique and very very different from your usual band onstage thing. the show usually consists of at least 4 drummers, 2 bass players and fuck knows what else is going on up there. they have played shows with sunn o))), earth, acid mothers temple, lightning bolt, boredoms, they've played all night raves in germany along side world class techno djs, classical piano players, black metal bands, lap top geeks etc etc etc and always fitted in perfectly somehow. add all this together and you have an idea of what to expect live. or i could be wrong. it could be none of this. you never know what these freeeeks will do next.


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