Sluta Leta

Sluta Leta began life in the small town of Ume? in northern Sweden in 1994. Taking their name from the the scooter rental shop that they run during the summer months on the greek island of Corfu. It was in Corfu that they had a chance meeting with the people behind the Mego label, and common interests and a lasting friendship was fused, which led to their debut 12" release for Mego in November 1995; "Fan Club". This was warmly accepted as thesethings tend to be, as was the follow up 12" for Uptight entitled "Space IsThe Place".

After spending 1997 rethinking their strategy Sluta Leta were back with not only an upgraded range of new scooters, but a spanking new studio and a regained confidence in live performance (after an ill fated event in Leipzig in 1995). Combine this with the recent "Lisa 94" 12" release on cult viennese label Cheap Records, as well remixes for Chocolate Industries from Miami and we are looking at perhaps a full on Sluta assault for 99

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