Standstill is a band that started in Barcelona in 1997 that is characterised by their creativity, as well as their intensity and style that have allowed the band to evolve without ever losing their identity, quite the opposite in fact they have reinforced it with each record.

Their first EP The Tide (1998) and their first two albums The Ionic Spell (2001) and Memories Collector (2002)-in English on Bcore- were very especially successful on the hard core-punk scene, in Spain as well as in the rest of Europe, despite their unclassifiable sound. 

In 2004 Standstill (2004), came out- singing for the first time in Spanish and accompanied by a theatrical performance (fruit of their collaboration with theatre companies), it was an unexpected turning point that laid down the foundations of the sound of the band today.

In 2006, after setting up their own label, Buena Suerte, and another change in the formation, Vivalaguerra came out, their second record in Spanish, on which Standstill reached maturity as a band and one that won them great critical acclaim (best national album of the decade according to some magazines) and a following that was more and more heterogeneous and loyal.

In 2007 they directed and released the exciting and original documentary "Diez años y una zanahoria", about the first ten years of their unusual career. 

At the beginning of 2010 they released the triple EP "Adelante Bonaparte", accompanied by the unusual  "Rooom", this audio-visual performance has been the best received by the critics and the audience to date.

In May 2013 "Dentro de la luz" came out, with their most homogeneous and personal sound yet, and was presented live with the spectacular and cathartic show "Cénit".