Staremaster began as a joke about the suffocating
boredom of "nothing" happening in the small-town of
Pensacola, Florida. It is now an internationally
travelling multimedia sideshow that seamlessly blends
the philosophies of Merv Griffin and Jean Baudrillard.
The story goes that in February of 2000 it was decided
that Sean Linezo and James Miller would exploit
boredeom and magnify the playground past-time of
staring contests to gloriously absurd proportions.
Billed as "hard-core multi-mediated eye-to-eye
combat", Staremaster, as it came to be known, was an
instant phenomenon. As Linezo stated, "we inverted the
essence of boredom and created some sort of
excitement, we transformed the problem of 'nothing'
happening into the pretense for epic battles...the
staring contest itself has become a spectator sport."

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