L.A. underground emcee SUBTITLE has been active in the "urban" underworld of southern California for the going on seven years. Originally involved with the highly-respected Project Blowed crew (ACEYALONE, MURS, etc.), and then with WEEKEND SCIENCE EXPERIMENT and the SHAPE-SHIFTERS, SUBTITLE steadily made a name for himself as a truly off-kilter and unpredictable wordsmith and crafter of twisted beats. While the "players" of mainstream and indie hip-hop alike were occupying themselves with bling acquisition and image-creation, SUBTITLE's nose-to-the-grindstone output for years consisted of simple homemade CD's and cassettes with hand-drawn covers, sampling the likes of SONIC YOUTH rather than the predictable sources such as FUNKADELIC, etc. His peculiar output and lovable persona, together with his towering 7-foot frame, has made SUBTITLE a unique and immediately-recognizable presence among his peers.

Eventually joining forces with GSL in 2003, SUBTITLE released the relatively bizarre, undeniably boundary-pushing "I'm Always Recovering from Tomorrow" EP, which features production from Adlib (aka Thavius Beck, SUBTITLE's partner in the current LABWASTE project). This was followed by a series of regional tours including 2 weeks supporting THE MARS VOLTA in Europe during the spring of 2003. SUBTITLE spent the subsequent 18 months slowly crafting a series of new compositions as well as initiating collaborations with a virtual who's-who of California underground hip hop. He released the "teaser" single "Leave Home" in mid-2004 (a split 12" with FREE MORAL AGENTS), which featured the impressive production skills of OMID (Mush Records). Now, in 2005, the completed project will see the light of day. Entitled "Young Dangerous Heart", the 17-track album features guest appearances from ACEYALONE, BUSDRIVER, MURS, members of VISIONARIES, etc., as well as production contributions from THAVIUS BECK, OMID, DEESKEE, ALIAS, and others.

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