Suns of the Tundra

Suns of the Tundra (SOTT) began as a musical collaboration between vocalist-guitarist Simon Oakes and drummer Andrew Prestidge.

Oakes previously played in Peach, the band he co-founded with Tool's Justin Chancellor. Prestidge is known for his work with Lucifer, Angelwitch, Cortizone, Zoltan and Mint 400. Oakes and Prestidge also play together in The Osiris Club and Geyser (feat. Al Murray).

SOTT have released four albums since 2004. These are Suns of the Tundra (2004), Tunguska (2006), Almost the Right People/Illuminate (2009) and Bones of Brave Ships (2015).

SOTT has had two bass guitarists. Rob Havis (2002-05) was a founder member of Peach. Andy Marlow (2005+) replaced Chancellor when he left to join Tool and also plays with Jadis. Mark Moloney is SOTT's main guitarist.

SOTT have collaborated with several well-known artists. Their recordings feature contributions from writer Ben Moor, pianist Keith Burstein, and the comedians Stewart Lee and Al Murray. SOTT have performed widely at UK festivals with Ben Moor as their guest (and vice versa), including Green Man (2014, 2011) and Latitude (2014, 2013, 2010, 2008, 2007, 2006). Their perfomance at Green Man in 2014 was singled out by The Times newspaper as one of the festival's stand-out perfomances.


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