Vigilantly bolstering sonic diversity since 2003, Talibam! is proud to have arrived at their 10-year anniversary with a lucid compassion for humankind. Despite the incessant deterrents to their  d.i.y. enterprise, Matt Mottel (keys) and Kevin Shea (drums) have remained devoted to their belief that the application of diversity in sound is paramount to the appreciation of diversity among fellow beings. Talibam!’s ultimate goal has been, and always will be, to create music out of kindness, and to be kind by wedding disparate ideologies threaded with proficiency and questioning.

Talibam! has worked hard to proselytize their process -- within the last year alone, Talibam! has collaborated with legendary Fluxist artist Yasunao Tone at the MoMA, completed three theater residencies in NYC (at the IRT Theater, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space, and at the Incubator Arts Project where they presented their opera Discover Atlantass with collaborator Sam Kulik), released 3 albums, completed 4 tours of Europe, and collaborated with world-renowned choreographer Karole Armitage in her dance company Armitage Gone! Dance (Karole choreographed Madonna’s Vogue).

To date, Talibam! (the only relevant band name of the last decade) has traveled to 40 countries, completed more than 30 international tours, and released 26 albums.

Their newest release, Puff Up The Volume (Critical Heights), is an uninhibited pop detonation to free the contemporary flaneur (whose intuition coalesces as a reactionary cosmic dance precisely because of all that surrounds and teaches him/her) -- it further establishes the dynamic duo as a stylish production meme-team.

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