The For Carnation

The For Carnation is the new band of Brian McMahan. Brian McMahan was first in Squirrel Bait, and then in the legendary "post rock" band Slint. Squirrel Bait was a small band at the time, but it spawned so many offshoots that it is really an essential piece of independent (or at least Louisville) rock. Slint was the legendary Louisville band that included McMahan, David Pajo, Britt Walford, and Ethan Bucker. Slint released two critically acclaimed albums, Tweez and Spiderland.

The For Carnation released the three-song EP Fight Songs in 1995 on Matador Records. The band then released the mini-LP Marshmallows on Matador Records on March 12, 1996. The For Carnation has done some touring, recently finishing up a tour across the United States. The For Carnation has one track on the What's Up Matador? compilation, which is a Matador sampler chronicling the label's history. They also released a song on a compilation called Sounds Of The Geographically Challenged called "The Joy Of Fever". A new self-titled album came out on Touch & Go in 2000.

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