The Magic Magicians

This Seattle band is just a duo, but their sound is big. John Atkins of 764-HERO and Joe Plummer of the Black Heart Procession draw on '70s rock influences, from the power pop of Big Star to the glam guitar of T-Rex to craft-catchy, heartfelt songs of love and hate. Formed in 2000, with John Atkins on vocals, guitars, bass, and keyboards and Joe Plummer providing the driving, up-front beat, the Magic Magicians' sound deftly crosses their contrasting musical experiences. The result is almost as if the Black Heart Procession decided to put out upbeat, feel-good rock & roll. The Magic Magicians' rollicking debut, Girls, released in 2001, was also the first full-length from Seattle's Suicide Squeeze Records. A self-titled effort appeared two years later.


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