Them Beatles

Them Beatles have been working together since June 2009 and have quickly established themselves as one of Scotland’s top authentic Beatles tribute act.

Based in the Glasgow and surrounding Lanarkshire area, the band consists of Joe Kane (Paul), Clark Gilmour (John), Craig McGown (George) and Grahame Critcher (Ringo). Each member of the band has had many years of musical experience in successful touring bands, stage performance and studio recording including some high profile festivals and events. This extensive musical experience is coupled with over a decade of Beatles study and appreciation.

Them Beatles do not simply present a performance featuring covers of the original classic songs in their own perceived interpretations. The key element to the Them Beatles performance is the attention to detail and authenticity of the arrangements, equipment, on stage presence, clothing and audience interactions. Music is played live without the use of pre-recorded backing tracks, recreating authentic and genuine tones and harmonies from the live Beatles shows. Stage hair and make up mirror as closely as possible the styles of each Beatle era throughout their illustrious career, with timely comedic conversations with audiences which truly set the scene of a live Beatles event.

Very quickly, Them Beatles have established themselves within the Scottish music scene, continuing the demand for their performances across the country. Plans are in place for 2010 to expand this network far and wide, developing the show further with new technologies featuring instrumentation that exactly matches those used during the Beatles recording and live sessions.

The band have been invited to play for many prestigious UK companies and charities including Kwik Fit Insurance, HMV, Carnagie Hall, Debenhams, Kidney Research and Glasgow City Council.

Interest in The Beatles is on a rise at present following the launch recently of the new Remastered albums and Rockband themed game. Their music continues to attract universal appeal. A whole new generation of fans are emerging and will ensure that demand for Beatles music, merchandise and acts such as Them Beatles will continue to grow.

The members of Them Beatles are perfectionists who research and rehearse the material with intricate detail, ensuring a live show of remarkable authenticity is presented to the audience. The key is to invite the audience to a live Beatle show, not just a covers band performance.


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