The New Year

Bubba Kadane - Guitar/Vocal
Matt Kadane - Guitar/Vocal
Chris Brokaw - Drums
Mike Donofrio - Bass
Peter Schmidt - Guitar

the new year is a band which features the kadane brothers, matt and bubba, leaders of the great, late band bedhead. in 1998, after seven years, three critically-acclaimed full-length albums, two eps, and various singles, bedhead split. the kadane brothers, never intending to quit playing music, recruited three old friends to play the songs that would have eventually made the fourth bedhead record had they remained together.

as in bedhead, bubba and matt are singing and playing guitar in the new year. chris brokaw is playing drums. he plays guitar in come and also played drums with codeine. peter schmidt plays guitar. peter used to fill in with bedhead when they needed that third guitar to push them over the top. the fifth member is mike donofrio on bass. mike also plays with saturnine.

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