The Only Ones

The Only Ones (1976 - 1981) were a rare example of that magical 'thing' that bands sometimes posses, which encapsulates the whole myth and legend of Rock n Roll. Naturally, effortlessly. There appeal owed a lot to the good looking, charismatic leader/singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist, Peter Perrett, who's innate decadence and hedonistic nature propelled him and his band into a grey area of Pop Music that the media find curious, but potentially dangerous, in the Only Ones case, too dangerous. Not for the same kind of reasons that gave The Sex Pistols their notoriety, but reasons implied by the very negative tangible effects of Perrett's form of 'decadence'.

Peter's songs, combined with his beautifully laconic, languid vocal delivery and John Perry's Hendrix meets Mick Ronson guitar lines were like a breath of fresh air to a Punk Rock scene that was fast imploding through its general lack of musicianship and naiveté/immaturity. Former Spooky Tooth drummer Mike Kellie and bass player Alan Mair powered the rhythm section.

Although the band were falling apart gradually from day one, The Only Ones somehow balanced themselves precariously enough to record three albums for CBS, with whom they had a very volatile relationship, CBS maintaining Perrett & Co were 'difficult to market'. Although the albums all charted, the single 'Another Girl Another Planet' is probably the bands defining moment reaching number 57 in 1978. A pure adrenaline rush of a pop song. (Words Andy Blade)

The Only Ones inevitably disintegrated following a disastrous scandal ridden American tour. Despite being short lived, The Only Ones have been very influential on the alternative rock scene ever since, with bands such as The Replacements and The Libertines covering their most famous track "Another Girl, Another Planet"

We are incredibly privileged and unbelievably excited that The Only Ones are to perform at ATP with the full original line up for the first time in 25 years! Get ready to be taken to another planet!!

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